Advising with Integrity First

Focusing our efforts on facts alone brings greater consistency to the consulting strategy. This allows us to address the business needs and requirements of our clients without any involvement with company politics. The goal is to leave you with a clear and understandable image of your risk environment, and empower you to make the necessary adjustments with the tools and resources available to you.

The Peril Maven's Difference

Most 3rd party safety company’s primary offering is site safety representatives. We have a different goal. Peril Mavens aims to provide value beyond the site safety role for both our internal and external stakeholders by focusing on fostering long term relationships. We consider ourselves an external arm of your work family. Much like we promote the importance of contractor and vendor pre-qualification to ensure quality outcome - we also vet our customers and hope they do the same with us. We're not a good fit for every organization and vice versa. For this reason - we don't take on every opportunity that comes our way - but nonetheless, will try to provide a trusted resource to address prospect needs should we know of one.

General Safety/Risk Services

Program Writing & Implementation
Safety Plan Development (JHA/AHA)
Site Safety Representative
Project Safety Inspections
OSHA Authorized Trainings
General Awareness Trainings
Additional Others

Insurance Risk Services

Risk Evaluation
Technical Risk Reports
Loss Prevention
Regulatory Compliance
Risk Tolerance
Training & Education

Retainer Service Agreement

Seeking convenient access to specialized expertise on an ongoing basis? Pay a predetermined fee in advance to secure our services for a specified period of time. This ensures our availability to assist you as needed.

Insurance Risk Control Services

Performing a risk assessment on both prospect and policyholders is crucial for insurance carriers for several reasons:

Risk Evaluation: Insurance carriers need to assess the level of risk associated with insuring a particular individual or entity. This assessment helps them understand the likelihood of claims being made and the potential financial impact on the company.
Pricing Accuracy: By evaluating the risk profile of prospect and policyholders, insurance carriers can accurately price their insurance products. Those with higher risks may be charged higher premiums to compensate for the increased likelihood of claims.
Underwriting Decisions: Risk assessments inform underwriting decisions, including whether to accept, decline, or modify coverage for a particular applicant. This helps insurance carriers manage their overall risk exposure and maintain profitability.
Loss Prevention: Understanding the risk factors associated with prospect and policyholders allows insurance carriers to provide guidance and incentives for risk mitigation measures. This can include recommendations for improving safety protocols or implementing security measures to reduce the likelihood of claims.
Regulatory Compliance: Many insurance regulations require carriers to demonstrate that they are effectively managing risk and maintaining financial stability. Conducting thorough risk assessments helps insurance companies comply with these regulatory requirements.
Customer Segmentation: Risk assessments also enable insurance carriers to segment their customer base effectively. By categorizing customers based on their risk profiles, carriers can tailor products and services to better meet the needs of different segments while managing risk appropriately.

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All of our consultants carry industry respected credentials and qualifications. A qualified consultant brings a foundation of knowledge and expertise acquired through formal education, training, and experience, enabling them to accurately assess risks and develop tailored strategies for mitigation. Moreover, credentials serve as a hallmark of credibility, instilling trust in clients and stakeholders who rely on our consultant's guidance.