So Local, We're National

Peril Mavens is your trusted partner in occupational safety and risk management. With a commitment to safety, we specialize in providing comprehensive advisory services that identify, assess, and mitigate risks within your workplace environment. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your human and facility resources and therefore carry a wealth of expertise in risk analysis, compliance, and proactive safety measures. By leveraging our resources, and industry best practices, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our mission is to empower businesses to thrive by creating secure and compliant work environments. At the core of our values is a relentless pursuit of results. We believe that effective risk consulting is not just a requirement; it is a strategic advantage.

Leadership & Guidance

Peril Maven's leadership is an alumnus of Millersville University's Applied Engineering - Occupational Safety & Environmental  Health program, and a BCSP CSP Designation Holder with hands-on practicum experience in commercial and federal construction, general industry manufacturing, and environmental compliance.

Collectively, we are actively staying up to date with relevant industry updates, emerging trends and is equipped incomparable exposure to multiple perspectives of industry.


Education is paramount and a sure foundation of consulting. Knowing the right questions to ask is essential to the consulting strategy and the information gathering process.


Theory plays a crucial role in the work of a safety and risk consultant for several reasons. It makes up our logic framework. It influences predictive analysis, and many other facets of the consulting strategy.


The skillset that awards us the ability to manage multiple diverse projects, personnel and understand the inherent relevant challenges that come with them.

Some of our previous engagements

National Maritime Intelligence Center- Peril Mavens acted as the full-time Quality Control  & Site Safety Health Officer personnel for Athena Construction (General Contractor) on their bathroom, kitchen, and auditorium renovation project at NMIC (National Marine Intelligence Center) in Washington, DC. This project was governed by the EM385 standard regs - known to be one of the more stringent programs.

Australian Embassy, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade -We provide routine inspections for the Australian Government DFAT (in conjunction with, JLL & Jacobs Engineering) on the new construction of their Embassy in Washington, DC. A technical report of findings and recommended corrective measures were provided to the General Contractor after each visit.

Hubbell Industrial Controls - Peril Mavens has provided multiple trainings to supplement the safety and risk education of the workforce at Hubbell ICD. We've provided OSHA Authorized trainings, Industrial Hygiene Inspections and First AId/CPR/AED certification.