Want to decrease liability and function more efficiently?

Are you in search of strategic risk advice? Or perhaps you're interested in understanding the realm of  risk consulting in the EHS landscape? Whatever brings you here, rest assured, you're in the right place. We provide an unbiased independent view that won’t be affected by company politics.


Safety & Risk Implementation

Applying the best practices and procedures identified through thorough risk analysis can result in a decrease in business interruptions.

Training & Education    

Education is the currency of safety. Our people-centric, collaborative approach ensures we deliver top-notch, relevant and sustainability.

Written Program & Procedures

These make up the framework for how safety operational systems should work. These written policies should include contractual risk transfer.

Maven's Mission

"Influence workplace production by anticipating disruption"

Construction Discipline: The construction environment is ever-changing. From global impacts to labor shortages, contractors have been forced to make critical (sometimes sudden) business decisions in order to sustain and deliver on their contractual promises. We help contractors accelerate the sustainability and growth process by strengthening a component of their business that they have majority control over; the safety and risk climate.

General Industry Discipline, Looking Beyond the Numbers:  While "working 100 days without injury" is a nice stat, it does not provide the full picture of the work environment. Our consulting strategy allows us to dig deeper and pinpoint gaps and inefficiencies (safety metrics, failure to inspect and or report..etc) in order to drive safety and risk decision making and turn volatility into advantage.

Our Promise: 
Provide a clear, unbiased image of your current safety and risk environment. We focus our efforts on facts alone to bring greater consistency to the consulting strategy.